It all starts with the
dreams in our minds and
passion in our hearts


My Story, My Journey

After 20 years in the financial services, technology and consulting industries and 18 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned having the right vision and strategy for a company is critical for its success. I have been part of a team that has taken Synechron from a self-funded start-up to a global enterprise with over $500M in revenue. This started with a dream to fill a gap in the market – bringing together a deep financial services domain knowledge combined with technical expertise. That dream has allowed Synechron to stand at the cutting-edge of digital, financial innovation.


My Thoughts on Life


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My Insights into Financial Services, Technology and Digital Innovation

While I do travel over 200 days a year, I can't be in every place at once and am grateful that in this digital age, we have the power of video and social media to amplify our voices around the globe. Here's what I have to say.

/ / TIPS

To be an entrepreneur you must pioneer down your own path

A healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand

Leadership is a behavior, not a role

The key to success is to keep moving forward, to do this one must continually innovate

It’s never too late to achieve what you’ve always dreamed of

Each day is a chance at a fresh start, a new you, and a better tomorrow

You need to be humble enough to admit it and quickly change course. Resist the temptation to protect your ego or defend your decision.

All of these tools are fine and can work for your business if there is a good match between what you need and what the tool offers.

My advice to any leader is that you need to be honest enough with yourself to see when things are not going as you expected.