Life Lessons in Leadership February 06, 2018

Being the CEO of Synechron for over 17 years now has given me the unique opportunity of being in the leadership role through its various stages of growth - from a new born startup to a thriving 8,000 person strong firm operating at a global level. Over this period, I’ve tried to understand my unique style of leadership as well as study others who have been in similar journeys.

What I’ve learned is that leadership is much more than being the decision maker in charge of budget, people and projects. Leadership is the ability to see a vision with the ability to inspire others to achieve it. Leadership is the ability to develop clarity from complexity. It is the ability to develop a high-performance culture which lives beyond the CEO.

Vision and Inspiration
It all starts with the vision or “the dream” - the ability to imagine something that does not exist today and others do not see. The vision should be big enough and should be a result of one’s passion so that it can inspire others. A leader must be a very good story teller and have the ability to “sell the dream” to customers and employees.

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