What they don’t teach you in business school July 24, 2017

There was a time I wished I had an MBA from a top B-school. It was something that I felt would make me grow Synechron in a more organized and professional manner, rather than the “learning on the job” approach I was using.

Over the last 16 years of being part of an organization that has now grown to 8,000 people and over 21 countries with close to a half billion in sales, I’ve now interacted with many MBA grads and realized that while they possess incredible analytical and managerial skills, not all of them have the intangible qualities that, in my opinion, are so crucial for business success.

They don’t teach Vision in MBA school. To me, Vision is the ability to imagine and dream of something that does not exist today. One needs a sense of restlessness, curiosity, day-dreaming, optimism, and an ability to let the mind wander on its own to imagine a world that only you can see in the eye of your mind.

They don’t teach Risk-taking in MBA school. The ability to take risks is at the heart of creating high-caliber companies, not least the fact that one needs to take a huge amount of risk to start a business in the first place. The art of analyzing a situation by reducing it to its simplest form and applying your organization’s core values and strategy to make a timely decision at key pivotal moments can be the difference between success and failure.

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