Going Beyond Startup & Scale up – A Growth Master Class with Faisal Husain CEO Synechron February 23, 2017

Many Fintechs have successfully gone from Startup to Scaleup. But none have gone to true Growth company yet. Today we are joined for a Master Class by a man with a phenomenal growth story to tell. Faisal Husain has taken Synechron from an idea to 7,000 people in 18 countries worldwide and generates over $400m of revenue. Not only that but in sixteen years and astonishingly without and external capital or debt :-O

In this episode I get to quiz Faisal, Synechron’s CEO and co-founder, on all our behalfs, and the Fintech community worldwide’s about some of his secrets of success.

How do you go beyond being a scaleup? What are the pitfalls? What are the methods? What are the key success factors? How do you “grow up” without “growing old”?

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