Five Pieces of Advice to My Younger Self January 05, 2017

As we reflect on a new year, I've shared my thoughts on work, family and turning 40 in this article, "Five Pieces of Advice to my Younger Self," featured in the Huffington Post. Read the article and leave me your comments with your thoughts. What advice would you give your younger self?

I recently reached a birthday milestone, and I must say, I never felt any different at 20 or 30, but suddenly life seems very different after 40. I suddenly became very aware of how the world programs us to chase material things and realized business success was only a partial measure for a happy life.

This was a sobering revelation, but I reflected on what this meant for my daily life and took action.

I thought, if I could go back in time for only one minute, what advice would I give to myself? And came up with five things. Each one affects the other, so that whatever you’ve accomplished before impacts the next stage, and each one is more important than the last.

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